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In 2023 we donated £37,983 of free treatments to animals in need
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When You Buy An Anti-Parasitic Medicine From Us; We Donate A Full Dose To An Animal In Need                                                         Free Tracked Shipping - Fast UK Delivery
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In 2023 we donated £37,983 of free treatments to animals in need
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Mite Treatment Spot-On
Hamsters Gerbils, Mice, Rats,
Ivermectin 10ml
100 Drops

  • Use on: Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice & Rats weighing over 50g.
  • Eliminates & Prevents: Ear Mites, Fur Mites, Mange Mites, Lice & Worms.
  • Contains 100 Drops: Providing multiple doses in one bottle.
  • Ivermectin Solution: Veterinary Strength Insecticide.

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Introducing Mite Treatment Spot On Anti-Parasite

Introducing Mite Treatment 10ml Ivermectin for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and Rats over 50g. This revolutionary product is both a treatment and preventative, use this treatment once per week for three weeks for current infections, then once monthly for preventative use.

For Treatment of:

Fur, ear and mange mites, lice, and worms on hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats,


Part the fur and apply to the back of the neck between the shoulder blades.

Dosage Rate:

One drop per 50g bodyweight per week, only once per week for three weeks


Do not allow the animal to swallow this product. Do not give to other animals in the home.


Not greater than 25°C Shelf Life


Keep out of reach and sight of children

For Topical use only. For animal treatment only.


Help & Guidance

Many households cherish hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats for their charm and endearing personalities, making them beloved pets. However, these small animals are not immune to health issues, including mite infestations and worm infections. The good news is that Naqua Ltd has recently launched an effective solution – an Ivermectin-based Mite Treatment for hamsters, gerbils, mice & rats. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the importance of mite treatment for these small mammals and also explore effective worm control methods for hamsters.

Understanding the Threat

Mites: Mites are minuscule parasites that can plague your tiny companions. Symptoms of a mite infestation include itching, excessive scratching, hair loss, and skin irritations. If left untreated, mites can lead to secondary infections, making early intervention crucial.

Worms in Hamsters: Worm infestations can significantly impact the health of your hamsters. Symptoms vary depending on the type of worm but common signs include weight loss, digestive issues, and an overall decline in health.

Mite and Worm Treatment for Small Rodents: Naqua Ltd.’s Ivermectin-based Mite Treatment offers a reliable and safe solution for treating mite infestations in mice, rats, and gerbils. Here’s how to use this product effectively:

Administer the Treatment: This Ivermectin-based solution is administered through drops, making application easy. Follow the dosage instructions closely, ensuring that all your pets receive the treatment to prevent the spread of parasites.

Monitor Your Pets: After treatment, closely observe your pets. It’s common for them to exhibit increased scratching or grooming behavior immediately after treatment, but this should subside within a day or two.

Quarantine New Additions: If you’re introducing new pets into your household, it’s wise to quarantine them for a few weeks. This safeguards your existing pets from potential parasite transmission.

Preventing Parasitic Intruders

Prevention is often the most effective approach when it comes to parasites. Employ these strategies to maintain a parasite-free environment for your hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats:

Thorough Cleaning and Disinfection: Regularly clean and disinfect your pets’ cages, bedding, and accessories to eliminate potential breeding grounds for parasites.

Maintain Hygiene: Practice proper hand hygiene by washing your hands before and after handling your pets to prevent the spread of parasites.

Routine Veterinary Check-ups: Schedule regular health check-ups with your veterinarian to detect and address any potential issues early.

Optimize Environmental Conditions: Ensure your pets’ living environment is dry and well-ventilated, discouraging the proliferation of parasites.

Naqua Ltd.’s Ivermectin-based Mite Treatment for mice, rats, and gerbils is a groundbreaking solution for small pet owners, furthermore this product provides an effective and straightforward way to treat and prevent mites, ensuring your tiny companions enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Maintaining the health of your pets requires vigilance and regular care. By following the guidance provided in this article and using Naqua Ltd.’s innovative mite treatment, you can keep your small rodents free from these pesky parasites, allowing you to cherish the company of your pocket-sized friends to the fullest.

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